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Letters to the Editor
Denver Post | June 18, 1999

Disregard for laws

Re: "Dogs kill 3 goats used in weed control," June 10.

Having grown upon a farm I learned that a dog that kills one chicken will kill again and again until there are no more chickens, then it will find other things to kill.

The goats that were killed along Cherry Creek were just another example of the disregard for the laws of the city and state. The owner of the dogs should be jailed until they can produce the animal, or do we wait for it to chew up the child playing in the front yard?

People need to take responsibility for their actions and their pets' action. The leash law is not to punish but to protect.


Case for Guns

If ever I have read an article that made the case for guns, it was the about the dogs killing three goats.

The owner of the goats was right there and she could have saved those goats if she had a gun. I notice the two dogs seem to have been taken out of the area. We can only hope that they are never allowed to run free again.




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