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Weed Management

Noxious weeds are extremely aggressive and invasive and
are very difficult to control.

Weeds are symptomatic of a problem. The problem is sometimes poor soil having no organic matter that cannot support good growth. We want to make the grass the best competitor and stress the weed at every turn.

Goats help with this problem because everything they eat is then recycled as fertilizer and laid back down on the grasses. As the goats graze, they trample in the fertilizer.

"There's a lot of awareness now of what chemicals do to the environment," says Malmberg. "They've been using chemicals against weeds for 45 years, so there shouldn't be a weed on this planet. Obviously it's not working and they're looking for something else, a logical way to slowly heal the land."

The goal is to build the soil so it can produce the kinds of plants that we want to grow there. What we need is to be looking at the water cycle, mineral cycle, energy flow and succession.

Ewe4ic Geological Services worked last year in seven states, moving from job to job, migrating north to south, and up and down in elevation; working all the time.

Jobs include federal contracts with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, as well as state, county, and city contracts.

Weed and brush control using goats is an effective resourse for private land owners as well. The smallest area we have grazed was a 12-foot by 60-foot backyard, grazing 30 baby goats there for three days. The biggest job was grazing 20,000 acres in Montana.

We take a lot of data while we are herding goats. We use a video camera with a GPS unit hooked into it. We then create a noxious weed layer that can go into any government database for their noxious weed inventory.

Spotted Knapweed
Grazing goats in town
Leafy spurge


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